Couple Therapy Newcastle

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Spring has arrived within the clinic. The outside of the clinic is being injected with new energy to keep it looking refreshed. Included below is a picture of the back courtyard of the clinic. Moving the clinic to the heart of Newcastle in September 2021 seems like only yesterday. The clinic is still not complete.

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Conflict within relationships

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Us humans like to use the labels ‘good’ and ‘bad’, in particular conflict. Conflict doesn’t have to be good or bad. Its part of the dynamic and addressing it through the adult ego state is essential. Preferring to ‘keep the peace’ in a relationship allows a relationship to not grow. There are times when our

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Trauma therapy Newcastle

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Trauma Therapy Newcastle Currently studying a certificate in psychoanalytic couple therapy makes me reflect on the influence of relationships on us humans. As a psychologist I’ve always been curious on the relationship dynamics of my clients. The systems (family, culture) we’ve grown up in can influence who we are, our tastes in food, traditions, smells

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Psychologist Newcastle: Breakups

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Breakups It is often a difficult life experience. It can be emotionally challenging, as it often involves processing feelings of sadness, anger, and future loss.  For many who have finished the relationship report guilt for the disruption to partner and family.  It is important for individuals to take care of themselves during this time, both

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Relationship Therapy Newcastle: Trust

Posted December 12, 2023 / No comments

Relationship Therapy Newcastle: Why is trust important in a relationship? Many couples attend my counselling service in Newcastle for support to rebuild trust. Trust plays a crucial role in building and maintaining healthy relationships. It serves as the foundation upon which relationships are built. A relationship creates a sense of security and safety, allowing us to

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Understanding Attachment and How It Impacts Relationship: Private therapy in Newcastle

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We offer private therapy in Newcastle. As a Counselling Psychologist I’ve trained in psychodynamic therapy that looks back to earlier relations to understand the here and now experience.  The concept of attachment was first introduced by the British psychiatrist John Bowlby in the 1950s. Bowlby believed that attachment is a fundamental human need and plays

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Developing Boundaries tips for clients @ counselling service Newcastle

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Our Counselling service Newcastle offers support with developing boundaries within your relational dynamics. This post is focusing on self help tips and by no means over looking the importance or the depth therapy supports this further. Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries in relationships is crucial for maintaining a sense of self and promoting overall well-being. Here

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Boundaries: counselling service Newcastle

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At our counselling service Newcastle boundaries is one of the essential concepts we focus on. In relationships, boundaries refer to the limits and guidelines that individuals establish to protect their physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. These boundaries help maintain a healthy balance between personal autonomy and connection with others. There are several different types of

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Sexual Desire

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Relationships are unique. This means the relational dynamics of your relationship and the problems you are experiencing will be different for you compared to another couple. However there might be similarities. Many individuals and couples discuss sex within therapy. For some people sex can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss. There can be shame connected

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