Counselling Supervision: is suitable for a variety of professionals; trainee and qualified counsellors & psychologists, health professionals and supervisors. As a supervisor I provide a safe, supportive, confidential and reflective environment where you can explore the dynamics of your therapeutic work with clients.

An initial meeting is arranged to discuss your requirements and will account for the models and theories you are interested and work within. Supervision can also explore placement and career opportunities. Supervision aims to facilitate your development and practice by increasing awareness, knowledge and expertise. I draw primarily from the process model of Hawkin and Schohet (1989) however the process of supervision is essentially integrative relational. The model has seven modes that facilitates, develops and informs the process of supervision:

1. Reflection on the content of therapy sessions between you and client.
2. Exploration of the strategies and interventions used by you.
3. Exploration of the therapy dynamics and therapeutic relationships.
4. Focus on your counter-transference.
5. Focus on our supervisory process as a parallel to the therapy process.
6. Focus on my supervisor’s counter-transference.
7. Focus on the wider context such as the organisation you are working in.

“Supervision can be a place where a living profession breathes and learns”. Hawkins and Shohet from Supervision in the helping professions.

Trainees: I provide supervision & mentoring to trainee counselling psychologists, clinical psychologists, student counsellors and other psychological therapists who might be undertaking training. I understand fully the demands of training, practical to intellectual, emotional and financial.

Personal Therapy:  for students who are required to undertake a specified number of hours in order to complete their course requirements.

Supervision: during training is not only a core requirement of your course of study but crucial at this stage of your career development.  Supervision is flexible at this stage as you are coping with many demands and  anxieties.