The duration of therapy depends on your needs & concerns.  All appointments are carried out in the strictest of confidence and you have a choice of booking your counselling appointments at Newcastle. As an integrative trained psychologist I ascribe to a number of approaches to enable your concerns to be accounted from a variety of perspectives. Therapeutic approaches offered are based on clinical excellence and your individual needs:

Psychodynamic Therapy (Psychotherapy) explores present difficulties in relation to past experience and aims to make sense of thoughts, feelings, behaviours and relationships. There is more information within the section psychotherapy under the therapies section.

Interpersonal Therapy focuses on relationships with others, both past and present. You can find out more information under the section relationships.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is based on the principle that thoughts can be linked to behaviour and feelings. Although Cognitive Behavioural Therapy recognises past events it tends to focus on the here and now to enable change. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can be useful for obsessive compulsive disorders, panic, anxiety and depression.

Psychosexual therapy also referred to as sex therapy. This is suitable for individuals and couples. Some of the reasons people attend psychosexual therapy for include: sexual compulsions, specific sexual interests (kinks and fetishes), loss of desire, orgasmic difficulties, vaginismus, erectile and ejaculation concerns, pain on intercourse, erotic and relationship concerns. Psychosexual therapy can be introduced into the therapy space at any time and you don’t have to solely attend for this reason. For many they might be experiencing shame, anxiety and low mood in connection to the reason for attending. A non-judgemental space is offered. CBT, psychotherapy and mindfulness is incorporated within this therapy. Dr Doherty will take a history of your experience to gain a greater understanding of your concern and this is at your pace. You can be reassured that you will experience non-judgment and that she has received further intensive training in this area of psychology.

Mindfulness-based Therapies can be useful for depression, anxiety and stress. With practice mindfulness can enable you identify and focus on thoughts & feelings without becoming overwhelmed. Becoming more aware of the present moment and how our body is responding can support in us responding better. You can practice being more mindful from this moment onwards by simply bringing attention to your posture, how your body is feeling, how are you feeling and tuning into the needs of your body. Mindfulness is not suitable for everyone and there are a variety of techniques in relation to mindfulness that is practiced within the appointment and then for you to try at home.

Integrative Therapy involves working with your experience and drawing upon the above established approaches to enable a therapeutic experience that is unique to you and meets your needs.