Psychotherapy in Newcastle: at my private counselling practice a wide range of counselling services is offered and Psychotherapy is one of them. Psychotherapy; in particular psychodynamic emphasises that some psychological difficulty can be linked to past experiences, relationships and unresolved conflicts, in particular childhood. Research suggests that for some people this can be effective for anxiety and depression. During your first session we can discuss your needs, wants and concerns and a treatment plan is discussed. Please note this therapy is not suitable for everyone and sometimes commencing with counselling is the preferred option and then incorporating psychotherapy.

F50A6654-B3B6-4C69-AABC-E7A363F4AAB5Psychotherapy aims to uncover how your previous experiences may contribute to how you behave, feel and relate to yourself and others within the current moment. You will be supported in exploring patterns within your life as well as life events, experiences and the language you might be using to describe self and patterns. I am passionate in sharing knowledge of ‘shadow self’, supporting clients to explore their own to increase awareness of the unconscious and ego states that’s driving thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Within my practice I place importance of the body and mind connection which will also be an experience within this type of therapy.

The aim of psychotherapy is to enable you to gain a greater insight into your relational patterns, attachments and enhanced understanding of yourself. Richard Summers describes Psychotherapy as “In contrast, (to behavioural therapy), dynamic psychotherapy, which facilitates a patient’s rewriting of his narrative, his picture of himself, his past, present and future, seems uniquely positioned to address the depth of a individual’s experience”. Many tools can be called upon within this type of therapy e.g. dream analysis, art, music to name a few.

Psychotherapy is usually a longer term process however it can be short term to meet your needs. Your life history accounting for your childhood and relationships, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, conscious and unconscious processes will be explored. This can provide an enhanced understanding of yourself and identify the source of your concern. It is thankful that psychology and psychologists are within more TV programmes however this is not always reflective of the “real life” practice we do. You will not be asked to lie-down on the sofa, of course by all means do if you wish.

As a Psychodynamic trained Psychologist I have an interest in Object Relation Theory; ego, attachment and self  psychology.

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“Nobody, as long as he moves about the chaotic currents of life, is without trouble”. Carl Jung.