Body Confidence during summer

As I write this we are more than half way through the year. It has been a fast one for me. Life in clinic has been incredibly busy, now slowing as I reduce hours during the summer.

My passion for body image commenced as an undergraduate and dissertation based upon this. My supervisor at the time who I still much admire applied for me to give a talk a the British Psychological Society (BPS) which was in my home city of Ireland. The application was a success and I guess the rest is a bit of history. That talk enabled my success for the Doctorate programme here in England. My passion for body image continued and still does. The rise of social media has been amazing but during the years I’ve seen rise to ‘filters’ on photos. I believe an important component is to be aware that social media is not ‘real life’ and to decrease scrolling if it impacts you in anyway. You are welcome to follow our clinic page on Instagram @anamcaraclinic. If you are like me and don’t follow many or even watch peoples stories then I get you (smiling).

You can read an article about body image & confidence by visiting How to achieve body confidence this summer 

I hope the summer season brings you connection to your body.