Psychosexual therapy also known as sex therapy is the use of targeted counselling, or longer-term psychotherapy to support sexual concerns. It’s a form of psychotherapy for individuals and couples to explore sex related concerns.

The aim of sex therapy within our clinic in Newcastle is to support your emotional concerns. Your first appointment explores your concerns, thoughts and feelings as well as taking background information.

Having sexual concerns can feel rather isolating and lead to feeling self conscious. The truth is, sexual concerns are rather common and the best way to resolve them is talking about it. By talking we can explore the possible reasons and accounting for any psychological and physical associations with your concerns.

A confidential space to work and that is safe enables you to open up about your concerns. People attend sex therapy for a variety of reasons. These may include loss of desire, sex and love compulsion, navigating intimacy postpartum / menopause, climax concerns.

There are many reasons for someone to be experiencing sexual concerns:

Physical e.g. illness, disability, accident, or medications

Psychological e.g. depression, anxiety

Emotional e.g. unhappiness within the relationship, body image concerns

Sometimes people attend on their own or with their partner.